System 8200e with Center Channel and Dipole Speakers.System 8200e with Center Channel and Dipole Speakers.  (Photo courtesy of Atlantic Technology )

Atlantic Technology offers our clients superb state of the art sound.  Atlantic Technology has a long history dating back to 1989.  Few manufacturers have the pedigree in home theater speaker design, engineering and manufacturing as Atlantic Technology.  They have been at the fore front of speaker performance.  This is demonstrated by the truly excellent reviews they have received by the audiophile and videophile press since Atlantic’s inception.

When outfitting a home theater with speakers we demand specific attributes.  First of all speakers must sound natural.  It is imperative that the human voice sounds realistic.  All musical instruments must be reproduced correctly.  Atlantic speakers get the timbre right so instruments sound correct. Dynamics must be wide which allows soft and load passages to be played back with ease and sound natural.  Many speaker systems sound good at low to moderate volume levels, it is important that a speaker system be able to handle anything presented to it.  Wide dynamic movie sound tracks must be reproduced without any strain what so ever.  If not, sound will be compressed and the listener or viewer will become fatigued and loose that ever important theater experience.

Technically a speaker system must have all of the modern scientific attributes needed to make them disappear into the sound or movie stage.  When you listen to Music on Atlantic speakers they seem to disappear, you just hear the music.  When listening to a movie soundtrack the music flows from one spot to another in a way that makes you feel “You are there” on the sound stage.

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